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For many students, essay writing is a challenging and effort-consuming process. However, what is even more difficult is to make the next essay better than the previous one. The thing is that when the student usually writes many essays for the different disciplines, most probably, he/she will get stuck on the same level without even trying to change something, especially when the grades are quite satisfactory. Below you will find the effective tips that will help you impress the audience with the brilliant essays.

Writing an essay is a tough assignment for a vast majority of students. No matter what the purpose of the essay is– to get the scholarship, to prepare a class assignment, or win a contest, it remains one of the most challenging assignments for the students. Whereas the overall process of essay writing requires much time and efforts, the students can break it into the manageable parts and cope with them rather effortlessly. As such, if you dedicate the equally much attention to each stage of the writing process, you will definitely reach the desired outcome.

Find the Good Essays Written by Other People

You probably know that reading the book subconsciously influences your writing skills since it enriches your vocabulary and shapes your language. The same goes for reading the essays written by other people. By reading the effective essays or research paper examples you will improve our own writing style. As such, try to find and read as many essays as possible, including the ones written by your peers. You should read essays on a wide range of subjects, not necessarily on the one you are studying only. You should understand that different disciplines explore different concepts; thus, they apply different styles and arguments. Therefore, the more essays you read, the more writing techniques you acquire that will help you become a top essay writer.

However, when reading the essays of other people, do not just read them. Be critical in trying to evaluate their key strengths and weaknesses. Consider answering the questions: What did you like about this particular essay most of all? What did you dislike about it? What arguments does the author use to support his/her claims? Do these arguments sound persuasive? Has the writer applied techniques, which were unknown to you previously?

One more source of good essays is the broadsheet newspapers and journals. There are many opinion essays that will help you learn how to build the arguments, suggest the evidence, and organize all thoughts and ideas into the logical flow. However, reading these pieces, you have to be critical as well. We assure you that evaluating the scholarly articles written by the knowledgeable experts you will see what techniques make the essay truly brilliant and learn how to apply them in your own writing.

Enrich Your Vocabulary and Use It Actively

Writing excellent essays is impossible without having a good vocabulary. You have to be able to pick up the words to express your thoughts and ideas as consciously and clear as possible. We assure you that the audience does not like to listen to the long descriptions and meaningless explanations. As such, your text should be pretty clear and coherent. Keep in mind that the smart economy of words is the inevitable characteristic of the successful essay.

In other words, do not use fifty words whereas twenty will do. The accurate use of the advanced vocabulary serves as the tool that helps the writers communicate with his/her reader clearly and accurately. No wonder, a good writer always works on enlarging his or her vocabulary since it is the necessary requirement for the academic success. Continually working on your vocabulary, you will be able to make your points clearer and more accurate.

Moreover, a good vocabulary helps the writer be more persuasive and display his/her intelligence, which can help reach the desired outcome. Here are some ways that can improve your vocabulary:

  • Read whenever it is possible. Read widely and try to refer to the dictionary every time you come across an unknown word. Besides, if you see the word, which seems inappropriate to the particular context, feel free to find its meaning in the dictionary and check the context in which this particular word was used. Read both the non-fiction and fiction literature to not only enlarge your vocabulary but also shape your worldview and broaden your horizons.
  • Subscribe to a “word a day” e-mail from some reputed dictionary (for instance, the Merriam-Webster). Create a folder, in which you will gather all the e-mails with the new words and learn them thoroughly. Besides, there are numerous applications for learning new words. All you have to do is to choose the one that seems the best for you and start learning.
  • If you feel that you use the same word again and again, do not hesitate to use the thesaurus. A thesaurus is an effective instrument for finding the perfect synonyms. However, at the same time, you have to be very attentive using this tool. The words offered by thesaurus are not always interchangeable. Even a word that may have a similar meaning may be quite inappropriate in your context and by using it, you put your reputation at stake. If you are not sure about the use of a particular word, it is better to ask someone who knows it better or not use it at all.
  • Learn all the rules about the suffixes, prefixes, and roots. Though you may consider this task as rather boring and daunting, we assure you that this shortcut can help you in building many other words. For instance, the root “bene” that has a Greek nature and means “good” serves as the basis of many words such as benefit, benevolent, or benefactor. It is always easier to guess the meaning of one or another word if you know its root or at least its context. We assure you that such prefixes and suffixes as “ante,” “semi,” “-ance,” or “-able” can significantly change the meaning of the word.
  • Start a vocabulary book. If you are learning a foreign language, you probably have one. However, if you want to become a best essay writing expert, you need to make the one for the unknown words of your language as well. Purchase a nice notebook, and write down all the words, which are unknown to you. We assure you that writing down the word along with its definition will help you memorize it and utilize it in your writing. In addition, you may divide your vocabulary book into different sections according to different themes and they will help you write the history essays, literature essays, geography essays, and many other types.

Use the Elevator Pitch Technique

You probably know that to write a good essay, you have to create a clear plan and follow it point by point. However, before creating the plan, you have to think about your argument and understand what exactly you want to say in your essay. As such, before the writing process, create a short summary in which you can tell the thoughts and ideas developed in the essay. Such a summary is called an “Elevator Pitch summary” since it explains what the author is going to say in the essay and why the reader should be interested in it.

The Elevator Pitch method is borrowed from the sales managers, who should offer their product to the people. As such, trying to popularize this product, they suggest various arguments explaining what makes this very product different from others and why the clients should consider purchasing it. There is such an exercise: coming to a lift and meeting a person, the manager should try to sell the product until the person reaches the needed floor. If the person wants to buy this product within such a short period or at least he/she wants to learn more about it, the manager has coped with the task successfully. Your Elevator Pitch summary should give a hint to your audience why your essay deserves reading. Indeed, this exercise is quite difficult since it requires putting a huge amount of information into the short sentences. To reach its goal, this summary should be interesting, attention grabbing and thought provoking. We assure you that Elevator Pitch summary will help keep the logical flow of your thoughts in your essay.

Use Quotes in Your Project

Although we have already mentioned this tip in the previous article, we want to emphasize it again - an essay is a good opportunity to show your multifaceted personality to people so do not lose this chance. If you quote something, be sure to cite it correctly in accordance with the formatting style required. For example, if you are required to write an argumentative essay on the consequences of the global warming, be sure to cite the recent peer-reviewed scholarly articles on this topic. Remember that if you are a student, you cannot be considered as an expert, so all your words should be supported by the reasonable arguments and evidence taken from the credible sources. The more contrasting your sources are the better. Undoubtedly, various researchers cannot have the same opinion, especially on such a controversial issue as global warming. Therefore, you have to review this problem from all angles. When making a literature review on your topic, feel free to start from the most meaningful sources and end with the least meaningful ones. Your reader may get bored reading your essay so it is vitally important to give him/her the right information from the very beginning. However, do not quote too much. Some professors allow up to 20% of the quoted text in your essay while others allow only 5%. Know your limit! Remember that you are the author of your essay and it should express your ideas and observations. What is more, keep in mind that it is fine to disagree with some scholar if you are able to prove your words with the reasonable arguments. Such an approach will show that you are able to think critically and evaluate the arguments of other people. We assure you that providing the unbiased evaluation of the work of other people you will be able to impress your professor by your professional attitude and responsible approach to work, the skills that distinguish brilliant students from the ordinary ones.

Let Your Syntax, Punctuation, and Tone of Voice Be Excellent

The correct syntax is a particularly important element of your essay since the sophisticated sentence structures may make the reader get bored and you will not achieve the desired outcome. Moreover, shaping your thoughts into the long sentences you will be unable to tell your point to the reader. No wonder, a long essay that is not interesting will always seem boring to the audience. As we have already mentioned, one of the most important aspects of essay writing is that it should be easy-to-understand. However, it does not mean that all your sentences should be simple. Enjoy the variety of syntax structures, but do not overburden your essay with the complex sentences difficult to read. Besides, writing the long sentences, you should not forget about the punctuation rules. We assure you that proper punctuation will help you transfer your thoughts and ideas to your reader and achieve the incredible result. Finally, the last thing your professor wants to do is to read the essay full of grammar mistakes. Undoubtedly, the content is much more important than syntax and grammar but obvious mistakes will significantly reduce your chances of getting the excellent grade.

Probably, writing your essays, you have already developed the tone of your voice. Is it persuasive, interesting, and engaging? If not, consider changing it. Read the samples of your old essays and evaluate them. Are they absorbing or thought-provoking? If not, then you probably have chosen the wrong tone of your voice. Remember that even if the essay is written in formal English, it should not be very boring. As such, a confident tone of your voice will show your reader that you know what you are talking about.

Write in active tone instead of a passive one and you will make your essay more compelling. It is a widely used trick borrowed from the trade industry, which, nevertheless, is truly effective. For instance, you can say “The scholars have dedicated much attention to this particular issue” instead of “Much attention was dedicated by the scholars…”. We assure you that you will be impressed by the tone of your voice using the active one within the whole essay.

We do hope that these techniques will help you improve your writing style and reach the new heights in essay writing. If you also have some tips for writing an essay and you want to share them with us, do not hesitate to leave a comment!

Do Not Know How to Start an Essay?

Utilize Our Practical Essay Guidelines and Learn How to Write a Perfect Essay or Research Paper Example!

If you do not know how to write good essays, how to write a review paper, or how to write a critique, just keep reading and we will provide you with the good essays writing guidelines that will help you become a professional writing expert.

Below you will find a few effective practical tips that will help you learn how to make an essay of the exceptional quality. First and foremost, you need to learn the peculiarities of the task. It means that if you need to create an article review, you have to find the information what is a review article or how to write an article review. If you do not know what is a scholarly article, feel free to find some essay or research paper samples on the web. We assure you that a good article review implies the unbiased evaluation of the article along with presenting its strengths and weaknesses.

The best way to create a perfect article review example is to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Imagine that you are a newspaper editor. Would you print that article? Why? Why not? Give the detailed explanation for your position.
  • Do you consider this article well written? Determine the article`s target audience and explain why these particular readers should enjoy this article.
  • Do you think that the author presents his/her arguments logically? Can the author be critiqued for poor presentation of his/her ideas?
  • Does the author provide any research? If yes, is it valid?
  • Finally, do not forget to mention the article`s key strengths and weaknesses. As long as you can prove your words, your writing is powerful. If you are not sure if your article review is strong, feel free to find a good article analysis example, and compare it with your own piece. This approach will help you find the mistakes in your paper organization.

Brainstorming is one of the best ways to start an essay. Before you start working on your essay, make sure you have chosen the best style for it. This will show to your professor that you are a particularly diligent and responsible student, who treats every new assignment with maximum attention. Try to avoid any repetitions and meaningless details. Your essay should be clear and coherent. Do not jump from one aspect to another since it will confuse your reader. Instead, use the transition words to make your writing smoother.

It goes without saying, the more efforts you will apply to writing your essay, the better grade you get. We assure you that even if you do not know how to write a composition or how to write an article summary, just write these essays again and again since constant practice will help you become a skilled writer, who creates impressive pieces only.

Do not be afraid!

Of course, the writing process may be rather boring and daunting. However, the best way to improve your writing skills is to practice. So sit comfortably at your laptop and start typing. If you find it difficult to start, feel free to find an effective sample research paper. However, you have to use it only as an example and forget about copy pasting anything from it. Remember that only original and authentic writing deserves the best grades!