Personal Statement as a Key to the Dream

A personal statement is an important document used to provide information about you as an applicant to a certain college or university. It is a testimonial from a person written subjectively in an expressive manner without errors. Typically, its word count approximately equals to a thousand words.

A successful personal statement is written effectively to convey the willingness of the person to apply and demonstrate the enthusiasm and passion to pursue the chosen profession and achieve the set goals. According to the format, the document is supposed to cover the talents and capacities of a person as well as present a set of the acquired skills necessary for realization of the objectives.

The personal statement format is different in different states, countries, and even colleges and universities; however, they have a similar requirement to all the applicants. The paper is devoted merely to one person, the applicant. The authorities of the educational institution need to get information only about you. You are supposed to convince the admission officers that your passion, enthusiasm and readiness to overcome the obstacles are sufficient for being enrolled in the chosen courses.

How to Write Effective Personal Statements

  1. Get aware of all details regarding the university or college of your choice, its peculiar features and activities. You should be absolutely sure that you have made the right choice and that you want to study exactly at this college or university. Your enthusiasm should be genuine. 
  2. List all your positive personal features. Try to mention all of them if they are beneficial. Yu may mention how organized you are with your belongings, how fast you have learnt some skill, how easy it is for you to remember things and memorize the rules. Do not be afraid that there are too many details. Later on, you will choose only those that you really need.
  3. If you want to know how to write a personal statement in the most convincing manner, try to recollect some personal experience or anecdote that can illustrate your talent, interest, or skills in the best possible manner.
  4. Do not forget how important it is to cover all aspects. Make sure that you clearly demonstrate those talents that are related to the courses you have chosen. Those talents can be related to the languages you know, the things you like doing as your hobby, the movies that influenced you, the musical instruments you play, the sports you go in for, etc.
  5. Make sure that the three paragraphs of the main body are related to the ethos of the university or college that you have chosen. Let the admission authorities know what makes you think that you are a good candidate for the course.

Points for Careful Consideration

  • The tone of a good personal statement for college or university is confident but unassuming. Avoid being too grandiose and boasting; however, try not to appear too shy and modest.
  • Make all the references to some book quotes, music pieces, art works or cultural activities only if they are relevant and you are sure that you are aware of all the details. It is important to show that you know about them not only because you apply to this college or university.
  • The manner of demonstrating your knowledge, expertise or skills should not be too imposing.
  • The style of writing should be more casual than that of the application letter; however, it is not appropriate to be too humorous, entertaining, or conversational.
  • No long stories about your trips, family issues, financial standing, meeting celebrities or any other anecdotes are appropriate.

Now you know the answer to the question: What is a personal statement? Thus, you can produce a good one.