How to Write Essay: Helpful Guidelines

Documentation format:

  • Have you ever written a paper using one format throughout the whole essay (MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.)?
  • Have you ever used just one type of referencing, consistently throughout the paper (i.e. parenthetical documentation, footnotes, or endnotes)?
  • Have you ever tried to format a title page or a paper’s first page, the way your professor has specified?
  • When working on formatting, do you make sure that paper’s headings and subheadings follow a general formatting pattern?

Please, remember how to write essay and carefully check the way you use paraphrasing and quoting:

  • All the quotations used in the paper should begin and end with quotation marks;
  • All the ideas that were borrowed and paraphrased should be rhetorically separated from author’s personal ideas;
  • All the information regarding the used citations (i.e. author and page number) are credible and correct;
  • Make sure that after each quote or paraphrase you explain the way it enhances the paper’s argument.

Knowing how to write essay means you should remember that paragraphs should be carefully checked:

  • If there is a paragraph that is longer than 200-300 words, make sure to break it up in two separate paragraphs?
  • If your paper has a paragraph that is shorter than three sentences, try to find a way to expand it  providing some kind of example, add supporting quotes, or some additional information.
  • When proofreading, make sure that each separate paragraph begins with a topic sentence

Checking the sentences when writing an essay

  • Make sure each sentence has a specific focus. Does this paragraph deal with only one issue in the main clause that is explained or qualified in one or maybe two dependent clauses?
  • Make sure you are not trying to put a lot of information into just one sentence. It would be more professional to use few sentences to express the same amount of information.
  • Make sure that every sentence is coherently linked to the previous one. Is there a need to use transition words, so that this relationship will be clearer?
  • Make sure you did not use the passive voice in cases when active voice would be appropriate?
  • Make sure the sentence structure is rich (i.e. Try to balance between long and complex sentences, mixing them with shorter ones).

Essay checklist:

  • Try to use simple vocabulary
  • Clichés and slang should be avoided
  • Avoid using “empty phrases” (i.e. phrases that do not add much sense to the sentence’s meaning)
  • Do not repeat yourself.

Now you got all the essay help you need.