Clues to Writing a Great Informal Essay

The aim of the informal essay is to bring pleasure to the readers and entertain them. Enjoyment is an integral part of such papers that can be of persuasive or informative types. It is important to note that the level of formality in such paper is lower than in typical academic papers. It allows some relaxed expressions of humor, presentation of views, opinions, making jokes and including personal anecdotes.

An informal essay definition emphasizes the relaxed style of such a paper, but also points out that the structure should be strong although not very rigid. This essay represents subjective opinion, and it makes it similar to a formal essay; however, it is much more personal, and the style can be close to conversational. If it is about a formal essay, the presence of the writer is evident somewhere behind the text. The informal essay allows the writer to communicate with the readers directly.

Good informal essay examples show that the writer should always reveal his or her personality through the text. It is crucial not to sound too academic. In addition, the text should not be sloppy.

Let us take the opinion essay prepared especially for a newspaper which can help us figure out what makes a piece of writing effective. The journalistic style of presenting ideas is aimed at addressing sophisticated readers. Short paragraphs suit the narrow columns of the newspaper. Besides, the conversational tone is suitable for an informal piece of writing. A combination of a clear thesis statement with vivid illustrations, presented throughout the essay, add to the impact produced on the readers. It is important to note also that a well-built conclusion contains the general statement which summarizes the main ideas and gives a projection to the future. 

The presented example demonstrates a perfect form of the informal essay and highlights the importance of proper formatting and punctuation. Furthermore, one of the rules related to choosing the appropriate subject says that any topic can be taken for this type of essays. In case you are still hesitant which topic to choose, here is a list of the popular ones frequently taken by the students:

  • The most exciting trip I have ever had
  • The life period I would like to change
  • My idea of a perfect wife
  • A perfect marriage for me
  • My religious views
  • Reincarnation
  • The celebrities who are the examples to follow
  • Delights of school uniform

The writing prompts provided by an academic paper expert can serve you as a guideline that will turn you into a successful writer. Get aware of all the details regarding an informal type of essays and show your attitude and personality in it. If you excite your readers’ interest, you can consider your essay a success.