5 Paragraph Essay: Tricks of the Trade

There is a large variety of essay types, and this diversity may puzzle inexperienced writers. There is no need to feel embarrassed or stressed because of an essay assignment as the most popular and effective type of essay structure is a usual 5 paragraph essay. Whatever type of essay you got as an academic assignment from your college or university, you can always find useful guidelines regarding the five-paragraph structure that will help you a lot.

A typical 5 paragraph essay outline implies having five parts of the text which are the following:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Main Body
    Paragraph 1 
    Paragraph 2
    Paragraph 3
  3. Conclusion

You can see that the structure of a 5 paragraph essay is a typical one, and the three main parts are used in most of the academic papers. The most important concern related to this type of essays is proper division of the main body into three paragraphs. Taking a closer look, it is evident that a triple nature of the main body has its own tricks of the trade.

Therefore, the questions are: How to write a 5 paragraph essay and make it perfect? How to use the notion of the triple nature of the main body? How to make proper division? Which things should we remember to avoid common mistakes?

The first thing to remember is that the aim of the introduction is to engage the readers. Having attracted the readers, you can consider the essay successful. Emphasize the importance of the presented ideas and events. Explain all the issues and present all the arguments clearly. 

Use a good 5 paragraph essay template to see how to work on the essay body. Remember about the sub-division of the paragraphs according to the following guidelines:

Paragraph 1. Present the main reason and reveal the essay main problem.

Paragraph 2. Complete and add to the first paragraph with a smooth flow of ideas and logical transition.

Paragraph 3. Do not reveal any new ideas, create the findings and flow into the concluding part.

A great conclusion of a 5 paragraph essay is supposed to demonstrate the essay morality and summarize all of the ideas to raise a discussion.

Reveal your own opinion and do not use ideas of other authors without proper citing. Plagiarism is the worst thing you can do in an essay. Show that your ideas are worth reading and taking into consideration. Use some outstanding 5 paragraph essay example but do not think that you write worse. It can serve you as a basis or a plan to follow, but all the thoughts should be original.

Be consistent and logical. Make sure your essay is eye-catching, thought provoking and well built. Avoid all kinds of unnecessary information and cover all-important issues in the essay. Make your paper interesting, and your grade will be perfect!