College Essay of the Highest Quality

The following useful guidelines will help students prepare a writing project of the top quality.

1. Never Repeat the Question

College may want you to provide a response to a specific question, for example, about your choice of the faculty. Never start answering with “I have chosen Whatever Faculty because…” Word count of you college essay is fairly limited, so do not waste words on writing such worn-out clichés. Instead, be straightforward and get to the point right away, for instance, “My father was a lawyer and often took me to court when I was a child. Since the first visit, I knew I wanted to become a judge and make the world at least a bit fairer place.” Similarly, if you think the ending “…that is why I have chosen Law Faculty” is appropriate in here, you are wrong. Such a repetition here is as dreary as it is when placed at the beginning of your college application essay.

2. Always Be Specific

A lot of people like writing in a flowery and fancy manner. Such an approach should not be adopted when writing college application essays to avoid time-consuming editing and the necessity of shortening the paper to meet word count requirement. If you still have to do both, do not try to save all extravagant adjectives by dropping important details. Let’s imagine that you must write about your dream profession. The sentence “I always wanted to become a fireman” is fine. The same can be said in the other way, “I wanted to become a fireman even since I saw one of them saving a little girl and her pet cat from a burning house.” Obviously, adding details will assist you with painting a vivid picture and making your short college essay expressive. However, too many of them, as in the following sentence, will spoil the impression: “I wanted to become a daring fireman even since I saw one of them saving a crying little girl and her black and white pet cat from a burning house situated in my neighborhood.”

3. Always Make Your Conclusion Effective

College essay should contain an explanation of how you have been influenced by the described experience even though it might not be openly stated in the question. You can include this information in conclusion. In such a way, you will effectively use provided word count since describing what you have learnt from the experience, how it impacted your outlook, changed you and your perception of others, opened your eyes to an issue, etc., is much more informative and evocative than restating what has already been said in a concise manner.

4. Never Finish Your Essay with a Feeble Ending

If you take into account a piece of advice mentioned in the third step, then you are likely to have a well-written and memorable conclusion. It is understandable that, even though writing 150 word essay does not seem to be a great problem, it is rather challenging to create several of them for few colleges in a short time frame. Exhaustion, writer’s block, and lack of time might spur you on looking for the ways to ease the process. Resist the temptation and do not bail on the conclusion. Make it engaging and include deep thoughts. Do not forget that the conclusion is the last what the admission officer of the college reads and finds out about you. Make sure that the final lines are worthy.

5. Always Follow Word Count Requirement

College readers have a lot of information to process. Do not repeal them with the quantity but appeal with the quality of content. Make them enjoy reading, not wait when it is finally done.