Useful Guidelines on How to Write a Paragraph

A paragraph includes a set of sentences having one main idea. While writing a paragraph, keep in mind that a paragraph should be complete. A paragraph is characterized as a part of something bigger, i. e. a composition.

If you do not know how to write a paragraph, read carefully the following information and follow all steps. Start with the topic sentence; the topic of the paragraph should be introduced in this sentence.

  • Topic sentences can be compared to thesis statements.
  • A claim of some kind of sort is made in the main sentence.
  • That claim should be described, expanded, or proved in various ways.
  • Key sentences make a claim and give explanation or illustration as support.

One can state that he or she knows how to write a paragraph if they have a clear understanding that a paragraph is incorporated when all sentences develop the same point made in the course of the topic sentence.

To determine if a paragraph is well organized and developed, write a paragraph and then ask yourself about the main point you are trying to express?” (it should be a topic sentence)

Starting writing body paragraphs is a sign to the readers that it is the beginning of a new point or thought.

How to Write Paragraphs without Knowing the Needed Structure?

A good paragraph mostly has structures consisting of three parts. It includes introduction, main body, conclusion. It does not matter if they are describing, narrating, contrasting or comparing information.

  • The first part of a paragraph is introduction which consists of the main sentence and provides   background information on the main points.
  • The next part, which follows the introduction, is a body. Using arguments, facts, examples, and some other information, it discusses the main idea.
  • The final section is conclusion that gives a summary connects the information mentioned in the paragraph body.


Every sentence should be related evidently to the controlling idea or top sentence. In addition, each and every sentence have smooth flow and are related to the next one without obvious jumps or shifts. A consistent paragraph also points ties between new information and old information to have smooth and clear structure of arguments or ideas to the readers.

If there is a long paragraph, but there is poor flow of sentences, check whether it is a problem in its length. Check it and see, maybe, it is better to divide a long paragraph in smaller ones. At the same time, all paragraphs should not wander from its main idea. From another perspective, if a paragraph is short, its main idea might be combined with the next paragraph.

How to write an essay and set up paragraphs coherence:

  • Repeat phrases or key words. Be consistent in referring to it, mainly in paragraphs where you identify or define the key idea. This repetition and consistency will combine the paragraphs. Moreover, it helps the readers understand your description or definition.
  • Create good parallel structures that can be created if you construct two or several sentences or phrases with the same speech parts. Parallel structures make the sentences easier for understanding.
  • Use phrases or transition words between paragraphs and sentences. Transitional expressions highlight the connection between ideas; therefore, the readers can easily see connections and follow the flow of ideas. Otherwise, they can misunderstand or miss your point.