Writing Tips as for a 500 Word Essay

Have you ever tried to write a 500 word essay? Does it sound like a challenging assignment for you? Do you feel stressed thinking about the writing process? Please calm down! You will never fail in any task if you have positive attitude. So, let us start with it! You have a task to handle and your optimism and willingness to be successful will turn you into a winner.

Do you need assistance? Have you got a lot of questions, like: how long is a 500 word essay, how shall I start writing, etc.? Will you consider some guidelines to be effective? Have a look at our writing tips and you will see that they will be a useful asset for you.

The Content of a 500 Word Essay

This is a typical kind of essays consisting of three parts. It aims at giving a vivid description of a certain phenomenon, event, object or person via giving vivid associations or effective comparisons of things. According to the requirements, you should use Times New Roman font, double spacing, and universal college formatting. The length of the paper made up of 500 words is approximately a page and a half. If you feel that you need more words to cover the question fully, you should request for advice from your instructor. 

How to Write a 500 Word Essay?

Do not forget that there are three main parts of an essay:

  1. Introduction

This part comprises a well-developed thesis statement according to the chosen topic. A proper topic is of great importance, so spend enough time on choosing it if you are given the freedom to make the choice yourself. In some cases, the topic is provided by an instructor; then, you are still allowed to think of certain ways making it more interesting. If you get a broad topic, you have to develop clear sub-topics first and only then write a relevant and efficient thesis statement.

  1. Main Body

This part of an essay is supposed to meet the following requirements:

  • Excite the readers’ feelings by using various writing techniques and proper approach;
  • Make the paper personal and share your feelings regarding the essay subject with the readers;
  • Make the paper bright and full of images;
  • Allow the reader be a part of every scene by making all the descriptions bright.
  1. Conclusion

Have a look at a great and see that the conclusion should be made of approximately 50 words. It should summarize all the most important ideas of the paper. It is a mistake to introduce any new ideas that were not discussed in the main body.

Think about the reader while working on the essay. Try to look only for authentic information, do the research effectively, think out of the box and you will be a successful writer. Remember that only reliable sources can be used. Add as much credibility to the paper as you can. We are sure that you will provide an excellent paper if you follow the guidelines we provided.