APA Essay Format Peculiarities

If you are going to use APA essay format then you have to be familiar with such words as running head, title page, and page numbers. A title page in APA should include the following items:

  • Running head: a shortened title version typed in capital letters should be flushed left. This title should appear after two words, labeled as Running head;
  • A page number should be placed flush right;
  • Full title should be centered;
  • Student’s name and institutional place should be centered below the title.

All pages numbered should be placed in the upper right corner. Do not forget to number the title page, abstract, and references page. APA essay format requires the shortened title version. It should appear on all subsequent pages too. However, there is no need to label every page with ‘Running head’ words.

According to APA format essay standards, your title must be centered on the next double-spaced line. The whole essay should be written on the next double-spaced lines.

The next section of the article will give APA essay example. First, in order to do formatting of the page numbers and running head, you can add these items by using the header tool.

  1. The next step, click on the box where it says Different First Page.
  2. You should choose Page Numbers, after that Top of Page, next Page Number to place in the page number. 
  3. Running Head should be typed first, and later goes a shortened version of the chosen title in all capital letters. Usually, it is one or four words. If you need to move the running head to the left, then Press Tab.
  4. Your cursor should be placed in the header box on the second page.
  5. The shortened title should be typed in all capital letters (no need to write again Running head); afterwards, Press Tab if there is a need to move it to the left.
  6. Close the Header toolbar.

A good APA format essay example will always use Times New Roman 12-point font. Some professors might ask for a different one, for example, Arial, and be sure to use it.

Margins in APA style essay should be 1-inch. If you have difficulties to set the margins, then choose the Page Layout menu Margins section and make the necessary changes.

Many papers will contain section headings, and it is encouraged by many tutors. Headings should be in boldface type and centered. All words should be capitalized, except conjunctions, articles, and prepositions.

Lastly, references page is a ‘must’ section of the paper, since there you present the used books, peer reviewed articles, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.