Essay Words that are Appropriate for Academic Papers

It is well known that the papers of the students are filled with redundant details and repetitive ideas. They have a requirement to meet the word count of a certain number of words and they use various essay words to write enough. Students are afraid of their professors who typically check the academic papers not only for the content, formatting and grammar issues, but also for the correct word count. Therefore, the students cannot think of a better way to extend the papers than using extra words and word combinations.

Try to avoid making this common mistake as the grading of the paper always includes assessment of the essay language that the student uses and the level of writing and covering the content. Remember that much attention should be paid to the language to get a high grade.

Redundant papers with excessive use of reiterated phrases and words are mostly ineffective. You aim at creating a special appeal when you try to fill in as many nice words in an essay as possible; however, the result is poor. If the paper is overloaded with too much irrelevant information and excessive superfluous details, the main idea will be lost. Concise and clear writing is the main objective of every good writer.

Proper Language and Efficiency of Writing

Academic writing can be of high quality only if it is deprived of excessive use of idioms, wordiness, not smooth transitions, and other types of flaws. All redundant sentences can be easily transformed into clear and concise ones if the writer cares about effectiveness of writing.

For example:

  • There were seven cats that climbed each and every roof of every house on the street (redundant sentence).
  • There were seven cats climbing every roof on the street (clear and concise sentence).
  • The members of the Association of the Salesmen are going to take each claim into consideration and vote on Wednesday the following week to arrive at the decision regarding the final choice (redundant sentence).
  • The Salesmen Association members will announce the final decision regarding the choice next Wednesday (clear and concise sentence).

Redundancy makes the readers irritated, while clear and concise writing saves their time and makes them interested. The paper looks better organized and comprehensible if it is written using the common word combinations without overloading it with awkward phrases. Such word combinations as ‘for the purpose of’, ‘as I am trying to claim’, ‘for the most part’, ‘because of the fact that’, ‘at the present time’, ‘in the final analysis’ and the like serve as a burden of the paper; thus, they should be avoided not to spoil the impression. Smooth and simple writing is the best way to keep the readers engaged.

Check the Papers for Repetitions!

The papers with repetitive ideas are boring and redundant. Do not forget to check every essay or any other academic paper for unnecessary information, jargon phrases, redundant combinations, or excessive and irrelevant details. One short sentence with a clear message is better than a lengthy one with repetitive ideas and unclear structure. All phrases with wordiness are to be rewritten immediately. Moreover, do not forget about smooth flow of ideas and proper transitions between the paragraphs.

Emphasis in the paper is appropriate but not with the one with repetition! Besides, make sure that the emphasis is not too strong and the structure of the paper is appropriate. Good organization of ideas adds to the impact the paper makes on the readers. So, try to eliminate all the tautologies and other flaws that make your paper not effective.

In case you are not sure which essay words are not good for your paper, look them up in the dictionary. As for the tautology, students often make this mistake using the phrases like ‘personally I’, ‘new innovations’, ‘first priority’, ‘my own’, ‘in my view of thinking I believe’, ‘first and foremost’, ‘evening sunset’, etc.

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